Nov 2, 2015

Members update and troubleshooting guide

Important information for all Planning Online users.


Troubleshooting password and access problems

Some users have reported problems with access to the Planning Online website.  Here is our troubleshooting advice:-



Errors can be caused by incompatible settings on your PC or browser.  If problems persist, try switching to a different browser (ie change from Internet Explorer to Firefox or Chrome).


Another cause of errors is internal caching of previous searches by your browser - this can result in an 'error' message being repeated for similar searches.  To resolve this problem delete the Temporary Internet Files in your recent browsing history (on Internet Explorer go to Tools, Delete Browsing History and select Temp Internet Files - similar procedures on other browsers).


See answers below for specific problems....


My passwords are not working

  • Make sure you are putting them incorrectly (they are case sensitive)
  • If the password has been saved on your computer, it should appear automatically when username is inserted.  If not, close planning online, re-open and try again
  • If you get a message that the number of users has been exceeded and your access suspended, please email info@planningonline.co.uk for assistance, or ring 028 42771080 (if no reply leave a message).  We will normally be alerted and reset your password even if you do not report the problem.

I can get in to Myhomepage using the passwords but it won't let me search (button is greyed out)

·         Your passwords have expired - contact us to re-set the expiry date or arrange renewal of your subscription. email info@planningonline.co.uk to check the position, or ring 028 42771080 (if no reply leave a message). 


I get an error page when I search (Sequel exception error or Proxy error)

  • use back button to return to search page and try again.
  • If you still get the error page go back and try a different search.
  • If that produces an error page, close down your planning online connection and start it up again and re-enter your passwords
  • If that still produces an error message, report it to us by email (info@planningonline.co.uk or ring 028 4277 1080) and we can check and/or reset the server.

 A blank page appears when I move from page to page on a list of results

·        This happens occasionally with some PCs but not with others (never happens on ours!). It is something to do with the internal settings on your browser but we do not know exactly what causes it.

·         To overcome this problem, set the page length to ALL and all of your results will appear on one long page as well as all the map/satellite photo with pins at the foot of the page (which is useful for examining a particular area).   The page length is limited to a maximum of 1000 results and you should try to set the parameters of your search so it produces less than this number.




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