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Specialist Planning books published by Planning Online

planning and judicial review case summaries 1976-2016

by William Orbinson QC and Fionnuala Connolly BL

Price ツ」45 from Planning Online

Also available:   2018 update ツ」30    2019 update ツ」30

The updates provide summaries of recent JR cases (ie since 2016 publication)

Special offer:  Purchase all 3 JR books for テつ」75 - email info@planningonline.co.uk  for order form

These books provide the definitive guide for planning and judicial review in Northern Ireland (and Great Britain).  It allows those working in the fields of planning, development and the environment to identify and access with ease readily digestible outline information about decisions of the Northern Ireland High court and Court of Appeal on judicial review applications addressing planning and related environmental issues.

 See also William Orbinson QC website  https://williamorbinson.co.uk


 Planning Appeals Principles (5th edition) 2020

 by William Orbinson QC Published by Planning Online.

This detailed  and well - researched publication sets out the principles used by the PAC in deciding planning appeals in Northern Ireland.

Essential reading for planning, property and legal practitioners in Northern Ireland.  The author examines the principles behind the decision-making process of the Planning Appeals Commission, fully updated and rewritten to take account of decisions since the publication of the last edition in 2014.

Format: Limpback A4 100pp    ISBN 978-1-9163341-0-6  Price テδεつづδづつ」35   email info@planningonline.co.uk

 Other specialist planning books for practitioners in Northern Ireland

By William Orbinson QC

Renewable Energy Update 2014

William Orbinson QC has developed a particular expertise in renewables, providing renewable energy developers with specialist legal advice and advocacy on all aspects of their schemes. He has advised clients on such vital issues as policy compliance, EIA & habitats, cumulative visual impact, active peat guidance, and judicial review. Planning Online is delighted to offer William's latest book, Renewable Energy Update 2014, in which he reviews all European, GB, NI and ROI cases and policy on renewable energy up to the end of 2013 with particular emphasis on wind farm development. This book is available only from Planning Online, price 25 GBP. Please email us on info@planningonline.co.uk for an order form.

Environmental Assessment Update by William Orbinson QC - Published by Planning Online June 2011.

In this book, William examines and analyses recent cases and decisions in this increasingly important area of planning. The book is available from the publishers Planning Online.

Safeguarding Assets

by William Orbinson QC - Published by Planning Online in 2010

In this book, the author examines the PAC's approach to Planning Enforcement in Northern Ireland. He sets out the various grounds on which an Enforcement Notice can be quashed with many interesting examples from actual cases. A useful reference book for legal and planning practitioners.

Bill Morrison, planning consultant  comments "Every enforcement official will want to keep a copy of this by the bedside, but the real value in the book is for practitioners looking to inform clients and mount well-supported argument at appeal. A better understanding of the PAC approach helps everyone involved in the process.

The book is available now from Planning Online by mail order. Published May 2010; A4 limpback format;   To order email info@planningonline.co.uk   ring 028 4277 1080


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