May 27, 2010


Search fault when searching by Application Date or Live status

Users please note that if you select either the Application Date or the Live status your search will not turn up any Decisions made between March 2009 and June 2010. The entries are in the system, but owing to a change in the format of data being supplied to us by Planning Service, the Application Date disappears from the records when the Application becomes a Decision and the Decision Date is added. You may have noticed that  decisions made in this period have no Application Date but do have a Decision Date.

We advise that the safest way to avoid this problem is not to select either Live status or Application Dates in your search criteria when checking applications that might have been made in this period.

Searching by Decision Dates and Decision status will turn up all results and these criteria can be used safely.

All application dates are included from 01/7/2010.

Please report any problems with our website to info@planningonline.co.uk


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